Ultimate Snare Drum Tune-Up Kit

Ultimate Snare Drum Tune-Up Kit

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The ULTIMATE SNARE DRUM TUNE UP KIT has everything you need to create a personalized snare drum sound that can fit any playing style and performance situation.

This hi-value Snare Drum TuneUp Kit includes the TC14, a new industry standard in organic sounding single ply snare drum batters. Combined with the TC14 batter head is a CCSN14, an ultra-responsive three mil thick snare side head. When used together, this head combination opens your drum sound up and lets your snare drum sing!

Included with this pack are three methods of tone modification- RINGS, TABS, and DOTS. This set of included Aquarian drumKit TOOLS give the drummer the ability to take control over a greater palette of snare drum sounds and increases the durability of both drum heads.

RINGS reduce hi-frequencies and control overall resonant "ring". TABs let you fine tune your sound and eliminate targeted frequencies on both top and bottom heads. DOTs "fatten" up and "dry out" the snare drum sound and aids as a partial ply to the head that increases durability.

TABS and DOTS use a re-usable adhesive and can be moved and removed over and over again as needed. The drummer can play on the installed tools without a concern of having them jump off the drum. The DuraDOT can also temporarily repair small tears and breaks when emergencies occur.

Also included are two woven, non-slip snareSTRAPS for making sure that snares stay in place and Aquarian snareSTRIPS, for protecting the bottom head from snare punctures.

This tune up kit can be used for routine drumhead maintenance, for tonal modifications and sound upgrades, or when unexpected repair situations occur. The T-KIT is a "must-have" for every serious drummer. $69.95 retail value!

Included in this hi-value TUNE-UP PACK:

  • 1- TC14 Coated Single Ply Snare Batter
  • 1- CCSN14 Snare Side Resonant Head
  • 1- 14" Studio Control Ring
  • 2- T-Tab Reusable Tone Modifiers
  • 1- 4.5" duraDot Reusable Tone Dot
  • 2- Snare Head Protective Strips
  • 2- Woven Snare Straps