Texture Coated Reflector Black Snare Batter 14"

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NOTE: Due to limited availability, Texture Coated Reflector Black Snare Batter may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

The LIMITED EDITION BLACK Texture Coated Reflector Snare Drum Batter ( TCREFBK) is about the response, feel, and cool VISUAL VIBE. It is about tone with control. The wide tuning range makes this head versatile and suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Every note remains identifiable when metrical precision is a must.

The bottom ply of this snare drum batter head uses a heavy-duty 10mil drumhead film which is denser and brighter than our standard drumhead material; the top layer uses Aquarian’s Classic Nu-Brite 7 mil drumhead film for warmth.

The result is a head that is a 2 ply head that is warm and musical at low volumes, bright and more articulate when played hard. This unique 17 mil REFLECTOR hybrid combination is what makes this head both durable and deliberate!

The NEW, slightly thicker than standard, BLACK TEXTURE COATING with BLOOD RED LOGO, visually compliments the current Reflector tom heads. Big snare drum sound with an articulate, controlled snare drum

• 2 Ply, 17 mil Hybrid Drumhead Film Combination
• LIMITED EDITION Black Texture Coating with RED Logo
• Great Stick Response

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