Super Kick I Clear with Tom Hoop

Super Kick I Clear with Tom Hoop

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The SKI-"T" MICRO Superkick I is a clear, 10mil, single ply, medium weight bass drum head features Aquarian's patented "Floating Muffling System" and is made for Micro-Sized bass drum shells. The narrow felt muffle ring attached to the backside of the drumhead adds low-end for a bigger sounding, well-defined punchy micro kick experience.

This model uses Aquarian Safe-t-Loc TOM hoops for use on bass drums that use metal tom hoops. This model is made to fit 14",15",16" and 18" DIY tom-to-bass drum conversions or for use as batter heads on floor toms. Perfect for Cocktail Kits and popular smaller "gigging kits".

  • Adds LOW END to even the smallest bass drum
  • Floating Muffle Ring adds low-end and resonance control
  • Made with "tom" hoops for bass drums with metal tom hoops
  • Available in 14", 15" 16" and 18" sizes.