Regulator RSM Offset Hole Gloss Black with Tom Hoop

Regulator RSM Offset Hole Gloss Black with Tom Hoop

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The offset ported Black Regulator RSM is a single ply, resonant bass drumhead that features a small, center-positioned, "Floating Muffling Ring" for added resonant control. This patented Aquarian innovation eliminates the need for external muffling of the resonant head.

This model is made for small bass drums 14"-18" that use a metal hoop. Can be used for Floor Tom-to-Bass Drum DYI conversions

 This head is the perfect companion for any of the Super-Kick™ bass drum series batter heads. The result is a bass drum that will tune-up and mic-up in seconds.

The small 4.5” reinforced offset port makes for easy mic placement while retaining optimum resonance. All Regulator™ heads are available in both White and Black Translucent Video Gloss.

  • Small Floating Muffle Ring for tone control
  • 4.5" Reinforced Mic Port maintains resonance
  • Black translucent reverse gloss finish
  • Made for Bass drums with metal Tom hoops