Regulator RSM Offset Hole Gloss Black

Regulator RSM Offset Hole Gloss Black

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The offset ported Black Regulator RSM is a single ply, resonant bass drumhead that features a small, center-positioned, "Floating Muffling Ring" for added resonant control. This patented Aquarian innovation eliminates the need for external muffling of the resonant head. 

 This head is the perfect companion for any of the Super-Kick™ bass drum series batter heads. The result is a bass drum that will tune-up and mic-up in seconds.

The small 4.25” reinforced offset port makes for easy mic placement while retaining optimum resonance. All Regulator™ heads are available in both White and Black Video Gloss.

  • Small Floating Muffle Ring for tone control
  • 4.25" Reinforced Mic Port maintains resonance
  • Black translucent reverse gloss finish