Impact II Clear

Impact II Clear

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The IMPACT II Controlled Bass Drum Series is the older cousin of the Popular Superkick series and features a wider 4" version of Aquarian’s patented Superkick “Floating Muffling System.”

The Impact II is a transparent, 2x7mil double-ply model with a WIDE FELT Ring attaches to the backside of the bass drumhead and dramatically reduces unwanted overtones and adds a focused attack and even more low frequencies. Double Ply design adds durability and depth.

All Impact Series Models work well in very live rooms, practice rooms, or when low-end definition and more muffling is desired. Total resonance control without the use of blankets, pillows, or external muffling devices.

  • 2x7mil, CLEAR DOUBLE PLY
  • EXTRA WIDE 4" FLOATING MUFFLE RING for greater resonance control
  • ENHANCED LOW-END Frequencies
  • STUDIO BASS DRUM SOUND in low volume acoustic environments