Deep Vintage II

Deep Vintage II

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The DEEP VINTAGE line brings “deep” sounding heads to contemporary drums with no loss of resonance. These drumheads are musical and full of tone at low volumes, and big and powerful when played to the max!  The heads are especially at home on larger toms and bass drum sizes.

All DEEP VINTAGE models bring the essence of traditional calfskin heads to the “modern” drum and drummer, but with better performance results.
Aquarian's multi-ply Vacuum Molding Process eliminates “dead air” spots and adds depth and durability to the two-10mil plies.

The Aquarian Vintage coatings are for more than just for appearance, the slightly thicker coating slows the vibration of the head and results in a lower, warmer tone with a softer feel and a classic look. 

These heads were made to emulate when calf heads would produce big, low, organic tones.  Deep Vintage is one of the heaviest and most durable heads we make and lives up to its name!

  • Two 10mil plies enhance deep, low-end frequencies
  • Thicker Vintage Coating adds warmth
  • Vacuum Molding Process. for better resonance
  • Organic feel and performance

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